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A) The competition will be held in Florence within the context of Danza in Fiera at Fortezza da Basso in the Nazioni and Basilica hall.

B) Depending on the number of choreographies registered, the chronological programme will be settled, indicating the times and the running order of the competition, with all the categories and sections and will be available 2 days before the competition on (the running order may be subject to alterations).

C) This programme will also be displayed closed to the changing rooms so that the entrances of all the choreographies can be coordinated, avoiding the waste of time and long pauses. Every group, duo or soloist must be getting ready waiting in the backstage during the previous choreography so that they are ready for their own performance.

D) Upon arrival of the contestants, the group leader must be present to collect the folder containing the entrance PASS, timetable, programmes and various notices. The group leader must go immediately to the hall where the competition will be held and hand the CD to the staff.

E) The sequence indicated by the programme must be absolutely respected, unless in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances. The organisation will be responsible for promptly communicating information regarding any change to the sequence of entry on stage.


A) The competition is open for the participation of the following configurations of dancers:

  • Soloist
  • Couple (Duo)
  • Group


A) The competition is divided into the following categories :

  • Children, aged 6 to 11 years old (only for solo classical require a minimum age of 8 years)
  • Junior, 12 to 15 years old
  • Over, aged 16 and over (no age limit)

In 2018 edition of Expression Competition, we introduced one important news: more tolerance over the age of group members.

Groups of Over category, dancers aged 16 and over (without age limits), can be composed of 50% of dancers out of age limit. For example, a group of ten people can have up to five dancers out of age limit.  Groups of Junior category, 12 to 15 years old, can be composed of 30 % of dancers out of age limits. For example, a group of ten people can have up to three dancers out of age limit.

Groups of Small category, from 6 to 11 years old,  can be composed of 20% of dancers out of age limits. For example, a group of ten people can have up to two dancers out of age limit.

With "out of age limit", the organization means out of age of the category the group belongs to.

The "large groups", that is groups consisting of 11 members and above, will be evaluated individually upon acceptance by e-mail exchange to the address: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., specifying the formation of the group, the age of the participants and the participation section.

The secretariat reserves the right to conduct random checks, also a posteriori, about the regularity of the data entered. 
Any irregularities will be punished with penalties in terms of scoring and / or disqualification. 
In no case the fees paid will be refunded


The choreography for the specific character or predominant technique, will be grouped into the following sections :

  • Ballet and neoclassical *
  • Modern dance / jazz / contemporary
  • Hip-Hop and Urban Dances
  • Choreographic composition
  • Fantasy dance (choreographed involving any other dance style)

To take part in “fantasy dance” the choreography must be created especially for that section and cannot be presented in other sections.

* This section shall not be permitted dances of character. In Duos of the Ballet repertoire are only allowed Adagio and Coda.

** In this section are allowed every style of contemporary but popular,character and latin dance.

Soloists can compete with more than one choreography, but in different sections. The participation of a soloist with more choreography within the same section is not possible. Couples and Groups can compete in several sections with different choreographies and compete in the same section with more choreography, but in this case the group must have different components in the measure of 50% of the members.

The secretariat reserves the right to conduct random checks, also a posteriori, about the regularity of the data entered. 
Any irregularities will be punished with penalties in terms of scoring and / or disqualification. 
In no case the fees paid will be refunded


A) Registration must be made ONLINE or through the special modules (see "how to subscribe"), completed and signed appropriately, one for each choreography.

B) On the forms, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required for each participant under the age of 18, valid as authorisation to take part in the competition.

C) To the registration forms must be joined a copy of the payment receipt and must be submitted by 12th of february 2018 by post to:

  • Centro Studi La Torre, Via Paolo Costa 2, 48121 Ravenna.
  • Online registration only require a copy of the transfer to complete the registration.

D) The organization of the competition has the right not to accept applications without the documentation mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and those that will be sent after the specified deadline.

E) Registration fees:

  • 60 euro for every soloist + 10 euro*
  • 80 euro for every pair or duo + 10 euro for every member*
  • 70 euro for every group + 15 euro for every member of the group + 10 euro for every member*.

*Every participant must pay a 10€ registration fee that includes insurance and admission fee to Danza in Fiera (for 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th of February, 2018). This fee shall be paid only once even in the case of several performances.

N.B.: The IDA is allowed to sell tickets for accompanists, teachers or parents that would come with the participant with the same conditions. 10 euro fee including entrance for the 4 days of the fiera. Just add 10 euro to the total fee for every extra ticket needed. 

IDA Affiliated Schools are not subject to discounts on registration fees.

Please note: it is mandatory that a school that participates with more than one choreography will make a single cumulative payment to be sent together with a detailed summary of all the registrations.


Payment shall be made by money transfer :

  • BANCOPOSTA IBAN IT 13 F076 0113 1000 0009 9185 159 SWIFT/BIC: BPPIITRRXXX to : FIF / IDA
  • On line on (credit card, Mastercard, Visa, paypal) account: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

A) Registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

B) The organisation reserves itself the right to close registrations upon reaching a maximum number of entries and to reject registrations that arrive late, are incorrectly filled in or not signed properly.


In case of failure to reach a minimum number of participants in the organization reserves the right to change date and time of performance or join and / or delete categories. In this case participants are invited to perform in another section or to perform out of competition. In the latter case, if the show turns out to be of a good standard, the jury can award a special prize.


A) It is absolutely forbidden to perform choreographies that are protected by author rights.

B)The themes of the choreographies are free; costumes used in the choreography are considered free but must be decent; the dance mat must be kept clean by the participants, it is forbidden to use talcum powder on the stage and on the body,to use fire, candles or liquids.

C) The only objects allowed on stage are scenery and props necessary to the performance of the choreography and they must be brought on and carried out by the contestants or their own assistants (they must be easy to carry and not excessively large).

D) If the duration of the choreographies were to extend beyond the limits set to the next step, the Chairman of the jury will be able to proceed with the penalization of the choreography.


The song used in the competition must be recorded on CD in duplicate. The label must contain the title and duration of the song, the title of the choreography and the name of the school or group. The CD must contain only the music of the choreography performed. MP3 players are not allowed

B) If a group/school/association presents more than one choreography, the CDs containing the music must be separate for each choreography and, observing the instructions indicated above, must clearly bear the “Category” and “Section” on the cover.

C) The song may not contain any kind of publicity for the school or for third parties, or any kind of presentation or reference to it similar.

D) The CD must be handed to the sound operators immediately upon arrival at the pavilion. The organization will not recognize any rights to the choreographies.


A) A jury of dance specialist and made up of teachers, choreographers and/or well-known personalities will be responsible for the assessment of all the categories and sections. The classification and marks of the Jury are definitive. The regularity of the voting and counting operations will be guaranteed by the Chairman of the Jury.

B) Every member of the adjudicating committee appointed will be informed of the methods and parameters of judgement by the Chairman of the Jury.

C) The competition doesn’t have previous selection. Every judge will express his vote at the end of every single performance allowing the organization to set the classification between a category and the other and make public awarding at the end of the following category avoiding long pauses and time loss.

D) The assessment is divided into six different parameters and expressed in separate vote on:

  • Technique
  • Choreography
  • Choreographic choice (for the ballet)
  • Interpretation
  • Musicality
  • Capacity of synchronization (only for couples and groups)

E)The judges can stop and/or repeat the exhibition if their retain it’s necessary to the good judgement of the performance..

F) The complete results will be published a week after the end of the competition on the website


For each discipline will be awarded three prizes for every configuration (soloist, duos, groups):

  • I category Children: 1st prize plaque; 2nd prize plaque; 3rd prize plaque
  • II category Junior: 1st prize € 300; 2nd prize plaque; 3rd prize plaque
  • III category Over: 1 prize € 400; 2nd prize € 200; 3rd prize plaque

Will also be assigned the following scholarships

The jury has the right not to assign scholarships in case of a lack of deserving participant. In case of spare, the price will be divided between the winners. Every winner will receive a plaque. The scholarships are kindly offered and personally assigned by the judges to the most deserving participants independently of the results of the competition.


A) Starts at 09.00 on the 23rd of February, for the categories: hip hop, fantasy dance, choreography.

Starts at 09.00 on the 24th of February for the categories: modern jazz / contemporary (soloist and couple), ballet (pair and group).

Starts at 09.00 on the 25th of february for categories: modern jazz / contemporary (group), ballet (soloist).

Measurements: stage in Nazioni hall 12 x 10 m; stage in Basilica hall 8 x 8 m. plus a 14 x 2 m. proscenium. The stage has it’s own dance floor.
Download hall's floor plan

All contestants and the group leader must go to the pavilions an hour before their performance, on the basis of that established by the performance program.

B) ) The photography and audiovisual service for the competition is guaranteed by the organisation and is therefore the exclusive property of the latter. During the entire event, it is absolutely forbidden to take photographs or record videos of any kind. Those who wish to have photographs or videos can contact the authorised operators directly..

C) Upon registering, every contestant or representative of the latter gives up all representational rights and the right to any payment for participation in the competition, and authorises the organisation to acquire and use his/her image for promotional and informative purposes authorised by the legislation in force.

D) Participants or their representatives accept all responsibility for their physical fitness. The organisation declines all responsibility for damages to people or objects which might occur during the competition, whether caused or endured by those taking part in the competition.

E) Upon registering, the group, duo or soloist accepts, without reserve, every clause and all the contents of each article of these rules.

F) No stage/dress rehearsals are allowed.

G) The contestants will be called to perform by the title of the choreography and entrance number assigned.

H) The organization has the right to modify the Regulation for the best outcome of the event. By subscribing to the event participants agree with that Regulation.


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